Exploring Belize on a Budget: Free things to do in Belize cruise port

free things to do in belize cruise port

Belize is a top spot for cruises in Central America. It’s known for its beautiful nature and fascinating history. Recently, a lot of tourists have been visiting Belize. It’s getting as popular as it was before the pandemic. People love Belize for its green jungles and blue waters. It’s also a big deal in the cruise world, with more and more people coming to see it.

When you’re on a cruise and stop at Belize, you’ll find many Free things to do in Belize cruise port. The Belize Barrier Reef is excellent for diving. You’ll see lots of colorful fish and corals. You can explore old Mayan ruins like Altun Ha and Xunantunich on land. These places tell stories from long ago. There’s also the Museum of Belize, where you can learn about the country’s history and culture.

Belize isn’t just about the reef. It has clear rivers in the jungles and quiet beaches with palm trees. Try snorkeling, cave tubing, or walking in the rainforest if you like an adventure. Belize is a great place to visit any time of the year because it’s always warm.

Whether you’re coming to Belize on a cruise ship or as part of a more extensive trip around the Caribbean, there’s a lot to see and do. And the best part? You can enjoy all these experiences without spending too much. So, Belize is perfect for people who want to relax and have fun without worrying about their budget.


Unveiled Gems: Free Fun Near Belize Cruise Port



Discovering Belize near the cruise port is full of free, fun things to do. You can dive into the local culture and enjoy beautiful nature without spending money.

Local Culture:

  1. Artisan Market: There’s a colorful market by the cruise port. Here, local artists sell things they’ve made, like jewelry and wood carvings. You can chat with them and buy unique gifts that don’t cost much.
  2. Old Church: Visit St. John’s Cathedral, the oldest church in Central America. It’s close to the port and accessible. Inside, you’ll see beautiful windows and learn about Belize’s history​.

Nature Spots:

  1. Goff’s Caye: This small island has white beaches and clear water. You can see sea turtles here. To get there, take a short boat ride from Belize City​.
  2. Caye Caulker: A peaceful island with lovely beaches. It’s not far by ferry and great for snorkelling near the coral reef​.
  3. Placencia Peninsula: This place has a long beach and amazing views. It’s a bit of a trip but worth it for its beauty​.
  4. Coco Beach Resort: On Ambergris Caye, this resort has lovely beaches. You can get there quickly from the nearby town of San Pedro​​​.

These places offer a great mix of Belize’s culture and nature. They’re perfect for cruise visitors who want to see the real Belize without spending much.

Community Fun: Joining in Local Activities


You can join in some excellent community activities when you’re in Belize. Here’s what you can do:

Helping Out:

  1. Save the Ocean: Love the sea? You can help keep it safe. Join groups that protect sea animals like dolphins and big fish called whale sharks. You might even get to dive into the sea while helping out​​.
  2. Green Projects: Some groups need help with nature projects down south in Belize. You could work on things like growing plants correctly and looking after forests​​.
  3. Health Help: If you know about health care, you can volunteer in remote places. Some groups need doctors, nurses, and other health experts to help people in small villages​.
  4. Community Work: Want to help in local communities? Some groups in Belize work on important stuff like teaching kids and helping women. Even schools sometimes need help with sports or music​​.

Markets and Fairs: Exploring local markets is a fun way to see Belize’s culture. You’ll find markets near the cruise port where you can buy handmade things like jewelry, clothes, and cool stuff made from wood. You can also try yummy local foods. It’s a great way to see what Belize is all about​.

These activities are a great way to see what life in Belize is like, and you can help the local people and nature while you’re there.

Discovering Belize City’s History and Culture


Self-Guided Walking Tours: Belize City has a great walking tour showing you the town’s old parts. It starts at the Fort George Lighthouse and Baron Bliss Memorial by the sea. Walking, you’ll see places like the Belize Tourism Village and the Swing Bridge. St. John’s Cathedral and the Supreme Court building are also accessible. These old, important buildings tell the story of Belize’s past. The walk is nice and easy, taking about 2 to 4 hours​.

Cultural Centers and Museums:


Museum of Belize: This museum is close to the walking path. It’s full of exciting stuff about Belize’s history, from Mayan times to when it was a British colony.

House of Culture: This place used to be the Government House. Now, it’s where you can see and learn about Belize’s art and music.

Image Factory Art Foundation: Near the Swing Bridge, this gallery shows art made by people from Belize today. It’s an excellent spot to see what’s new in Belizean art.

These walks and places are perfect for learning about Belize City’s history and culture in a fun way. You get to see old buildings, learn about the past, and check out some cool art at your own pace.

Exploring Nature and Art in Belize City


Nature Spots:

Hol Chan Marine Reserve: This place is perfect for seeing sea animals like eels, stingrays, and nurse sharks. It’s split into different parts, including a reef and mangrove forests​​.

Jaguar Reserve (Cockscomb Basin): This is an excellent spot if you like animals. You might see jaguars and other wild animals, plus lots of birds​​.

Bird Sanctuary (Crooked Tree): This area has a total of birds, including some big ones called jabiru storks. It’s an excellent place to go canoeing and see wildlife.

Art and Creativity:

  1. Street Art: Walk around near the cruise port to see cool street art and murals. These paintings show what Belize is all about.
  2. Art Shows: There are places in Belize City where you can see art for free. They have exhibitions and sometimes workshops or talks about art.

These activities are a fun way to see the nature and art in Belize City. You may learn about animals and flora while taking in the local art scene.

Cultural Demonstrations and Workshops


  1. Art Festival in Placencia (February 2024): This is a big art party where you can see local artists show their work. You can watch them make fabulous jewelry and learn how they do it. There’s also music and yummy food to try​​.
  2. Local Culture: Belize has fun workshops all year round. You can try drumming like the Garifuna people, learn about the ancient Maya, and meet Mestizo communities. These workshops let you do things with local people and learn about their traditions.

Storytelling and Folklore: Even though we didn’t find specific storytelling events, the festivals in Belize are full of local stories and traditions. For example, you can hear about Belize’s history at the art festival in Placencia while looking at art and trying different things​​.

These activities are a great way to experience life in Belize. You get to learn new things, meet local people, and have fun seeing and doing stuff you might not find elsewhere.

Top free things to do in Belize cruise port


Here are some free things to do at Belize Cruise Port:

  • Explore Belize City by walking around downtown Belize City and see historic buildings and landmarks.
  • Visit the Belize Zoo and explore the indigenous animals of Belize at this free zoo.
  • Take a photo at the iconic “Belize” sign near the cruise terminal.
  • Visit the Fort George Lighthouse and enjoy stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Learn about the history of Belize and its national hero, Baron Bliss, at the Baron Bliss Memorial.
  • Browse local crafts and souvenirs at the Tourism Village marketplace.
  • Find colourful street art around the city, including murals and graffiti.
  • Explore the ancient Mayan ruins at Altun Ha.
  • Relax on the white sand beach at Mahogany Bay.
  • Take in the beauty of the landmarks and enjoy duty-free shopping at Harvest Caye Norwegian Cruise Line Terminal.

Easy Tips for Enjoying Belize Without Spending Much


Getting Around on a Budget:

  1. Boat Rides: To visit different islands, take a water taxi. It’s cheap and fun.
  2. Buses: Buses in Belize are a cheap way to travel. They’re slow but good for seeing the country.
  3. Rent a Bike: You can rent a bike in places like San Pedro. It’s not expensive and a great way to see things.

Staying Safe and Being Respectful:

  1. Be Respectful: Always be friendly and respect the local way of life. For example, ask before taking pictures of people.
  2. Stay Safe: As with any new place you visit, be mindful about your belongings, especially in crowded areas.
  3. Look After Nature: Remember to take care of the environment. Don’t touch the coral reefs. Use sunscreens that are safe for the ocean.

Conclusion: Belize has lots of fun and free things to do, especially around the cruise port. There’s so much more than just the usual tourist spots. Planning and respecting the local culture can make your trip fun and budget-friendly. So get ready to explore Belize in a new way, seeing things that most tourists miss. It’s sure to be a trip full of great memories and new experiences!


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